The Power Beauty Soulmates go Biarritz

Last April I already visited Biarritz together with my friend Eduard, to plan routes in the Pyrenees for the club trip in June. So last week, we went again, but this time for real, with twenty Aston Martins! Two days driving from Amsterdam to Biarritz, 4 days in the Pyrenees, then back to Amsterdam in 1 day. Next to my job as “route manager”, I was able to make lots of photos of Aston Martins at beautiful locations (and fuel stations 🙂 ). Here’s a selection:

Many happy faces at Ons Tweede Thuis / “De Dijk”

“De Dijk” is a home for the mentally disabled and people with an autistic disorder or acquired brain injury. It’s the Amsterdam location of the “Ons Tweede Thuis” foundation (“Our Second” Home”). Last Sunday, we visited De Dijk with four Aston Martins to take 15 residents for a nice ride along the Amstel river and a short highway run. Resulting in big smiles and many happy faces 🙂 A quick impression:

Kroymans Arrive & Drive

Kroymans is one of the 2 Dutch Aston Martin dealerships. In fact, it is a combined dealership for Aston Martin, Jaguar and Ferrari. Last Friday, Kroymans organized an “Arrive & Drive” event, inviting a small group of customers to come and try the newest models of all 3 car brands, on both public roads and on the track.

PBSM Sunday Drive: Pebble Beach in Vinkeveen

Twenty-three Aston Martins were participating in this year’s second Power Beauty Soulmates Sunday drive, including many Volantes and Roadsters, with their owners enjoying the extremely sunny day with the top down. This Sunday’s route started in Woerden for lunch, at restaurant Janzen. After lunch, a 90 minute drive took us through the “green heart” of the Netherlands, taking only B-roads. The roads getting narrower as we went along, with the last stretch following the Amstel and Waver rivers towards Vinkeveen. In Vinkeveen, the finish was at Beach Club Lust, where we had our own little Pebble Beach event, as we had special permission to park our Astons along the banks of lake Vinkeveen.

Planning routes in the Pyrenees

Every year in June, the dutch Aston Martin club Power Beauty Soulmates goes on a week-long trip to a beautiful location in Europe. Preferably a place with lots of beautiful roads for us to drive. Previous trips took us to Le Mans, Isle of Man, the italian Dolomites and last year to Scotland. This year, we will go to Biarritz, France, a perfect starting location for nice routes in the French and Spanish Pyrenees. So last week, my friend Eduard and I spent 4 days in Biarritz, to plan the routes and to scout lunch and diner locations. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it 🙂

The Astons at the “Great British” event in Zandvoort

Just visited the “Great British” event at Circuit Park Zandvoort, together with some fellow PBSM club members. Lots of British cars, old and new. Not a lot of Astons though, apart from our own. But luckily, we brought some beautiful and special specimens, including a Vanquish Volante in Ocellus Teal, a Vanquish coupe and both dutch V12 Roadsters!