PBSM Sunday Drive: Pebble Beach in Vinkeveen

Twenty-three Aston Martins were participating in this year’s second Power Beauty Soulmates Sunday drive, including many Volantes and Roadsters, with their owners enjoying the extremely sunny day with the top down. This Sunday’s route started in Woerden for lunch, at restaurant Janzen. After lunch, a 90 minute drive took us through the “green heart” of the Netherlands, taking only B-roads. The roads getting narrower as we went along, with the last stretch following the Amstel and Waver rivers towards Vinkeveen. In Vinkeveen, the finish was at Beach Club Lust, where we had our own little Pebble Beach event, as we had special permission to park our Astons along the banks of lake Vinkeveen.

Power Beauty Soulmates Sunday Drive – The Boulevard Tour

The new Power Beauty Soulmates season 2014 has started, with the first Sunday Drive of 2014. And for the first time ever, this Sunday Drive was not members-only; this one was open for any Aston Martin owner. On this beautiful sunny day, twenty-three Astons showed for and a nice drive along the Dutch coast. ( a special thanks to Cindy and Jackie of SuperCarClub.nl, for letting us use their road book )

Come join our upcoming “Power Beauty Soulmates” Sunday Drive on March 9

Do you own an Aston Martin and are you in (or close to) the Netherlands? Then come join our Power Beauty Soulmates Sunday Drive on Sunday March 9! To sign up : Send an email to sundaydrive@powerbeautysoulmates.nl and include your name, phone number, number of persons and which model Aston Martin you will bring. This Sunday Drive will start in Amsterdam, around 13:30 and will end somewhere along the Dutch coast. ( Power Beauty Soulmates is a Dutch Aston Martin club that organizes a Sunday Drive every two months. On March 9, for the first time, we’re opening up the Sunday Drive to non-members, Aston Martin required of course ).