Kroymans Arrive & Drive

Kroymans is one of the 2 Dutch Aston Martin dealerships. In fact, it is a combined dealership for Aston Martin, Jaguar and Ferrari. Last Friday, Kroymans organized an “Arrive & Drive” event, inviting a small group of customers to come and try the newest models of all 3 car brands, on both public roads and on the track.

The Astons at the “Great British” event in Zandvoort

Just visited the “Great British” event at Circuit Park Zandvoort, together with some fellow PBSM club members. Lots of British cars, old and new. Not a lot of Astons though, apart from our own. But luckily, we brought some beautiful and special specimens, including a Vanquish Volante in Ocellus Teal, a Vanquish coupe and both dutch V12 Roadsters!

Visiting the Towbin Aston Martin dealer in Las Vegas

I am currently in Las Vegas for business, so yesterday I figured: While I am here, why not visit the local Aston Martin dealer, Towbin Motorcars. Towbin is a combined Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce dealership, with an impressive stock of new and used cars. The guys and gals at Towbin were friendly and I enjoyed talking with them about Aston Martin and of course, taking lots of pictures of the nice Astons they had in stock, including a very special Vanquish Volante. Here’s a selection of my photos:

Vanquish Volante testing at the Ring

Apparently Aston Martin is still doing tests with the Vanquish Volante. The open top Vanquish, which is highly likely to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, has now been spotted at Aston’s test center at the Nürburgring. Here’s some pictures from, showing the Vanquish Volante in full camouflage. Which is strange because we’ve already seen a fully naked test car in February, during tests in Sweden…

Vanquish Volante now testing in the UK

In the past weeks, we’ve already seen the upcoming Vanquish Volante almost without camouflage, first while testing in the snow, then more close-up photos, both times taken in Sweden. So it’s strange to see these new photos, taken in the UK, where the Vanquish Volante is driving around in full camouflage again.

Vanquish Volante spied up close just released more spy-shots of the Vanquish Volante that is currently testing in Sweden. These new pictures are taken from close by, giving us a better look at the car. The only camouflage left is the fake spoiler that seems to be fit over the real Vanquish spoiler and some tape over the rear lights.

Vanquish Volante – first renders

There never was a convertible version of the old Vanquish, but it’s highly likely that there will be a Volante edition of the fantastic new Vanquish. It will probably be announced in 2013, with first customer cars being delivered in 2014. Some photoshop artists couldn’t wait that long and decided to render their own interpretations of a Vanquish Volante.