Big 5 on Spa 2014 – Five One-77’s!

One-77 track 1 - Alexander

The BIG5 track day at Spa Franchorchamps is one of the most popular BIG5 events, so participants are distributed are two days, the Monday and the Tuesday. I was driving on the Monday. However, during my track-day, I heard that there would be 4 One-77’s participating on Tuesday, maybe even 5! So on Tuesday, before I drove home to Amsterdam, I went back to the track, to see if I could snap some pics of the One-77’s. I was able to make some quick photo’s in the pit lane, but did not have enough time to make real work of it. Luckily, my friends Alexander van Boekholdt en Paulien Aerts were there the entire day AND were so friendly to allow me to use some of their great photos. Thank you!

Video: doing Spa Franchorchamps in a V12 Vantage

v12 vantage on spa

I love driving my V12 Vantage on the track. And I am proud to say, I’m slowly getting better at it too Last week at the BIG 5 track event, I was able to do about 40 laps around my favorite circuit, Spa Franchorchamps. Here’s one of my laps, filmed by my friend Mark with his phone while in the passenger seat. It’s a bit shaky, but I think it gives a good impression of what it’s like to drive a V12 Vantage around this beautiful track. Enjoy:

Big 5 on Spa 2014 – the pit lane

Aston Martin on Spa 2014-3

This Monday and Tuesday my favourite Aston Martin Big 5 event was held again: the track days at Spa Francorchamps. I had signed up for the Monday, so I spent most of the Monday doing my rounds of the track, of course in my favourite track beast, the red V12 Vantage. However, I did find the time to make a lot of picture too. Here’s my selection of photos taken in the pit lane.

V12 Vantage S Roadster – a 565 bhp topless monster

V12 Vantage S Roadster - 10

Aston Martin just announced a Roadster edition of the V12 Vantage S! And, it is going to be a regular production model, unlike the V12 Vantage Roadster which was limited to 101 cars. It looks amazing and I am 100% sure this will be a wonderful car to drive. However, if I am completely honest, I am pretty disappointed about this announcement, as it makes my “limited” edition V12 Vantage Roadster a lot less limited and special. When the V12 Roadster was introduced, it was presented as a one-time only limited run Roadster edition of the V12 Vantage. And now, 2 years later, a new V12 S Roadster appears and as a production model too. Okay, mine’s got a cool old-skool manual, but still…

The Power Beauty Soulmates go Biarritz


Last April I already visited Biarritz together with my friend Eduard, to plan routes in the Pyrenees for the club trip in June. So last week, we went again, but this time for real, with twenty Aston Martins! Two days driving from Amsterdam to Biarritz, 4 days in the Pyrenees, then back to Amsterdam in 1 day. Next to my job as “route manager”, I was able to make lots of photos of Aston Martins at beautiful locations (and fuel stations ). Here’s a selection:

Many happy faces at Ons Tweede Thuis / “De Dijk”


“De Dijk” is a home for the mentally disabled and people with an autistic disorder or acquired brain injury. It’s the Amsterdam location of the “Ons Tweede Thuis” foundation (“Our Second” Home”). Last Sunday, we visited De Dijk with four Aston Martins to take 15 residents for a nice ride along the Amstel river and a short highway run. Resulting in big smiles and many happy faces A quick impression:

Kroymans Arrive & Drive


Kroymans is one of the 2 Dutch Aston Martin dealerships. In fact, it is a combined dealership for Aston Martin, Jaguar and Ferrari. Last Friday, Kroymans organized an “Arrive & Drive” event, inviting a small group of customers to come and try the newest models of all 3 car brands, on both public roads and on the track.