Aston Martin Big 5 2014: Nürburgring GP Strecke

Yesterday the yearly BIG 5 series of Aston Martin events was kicked off at the Nürburgring, with the track day on the Grand Prix track (GP Strecke). Eighteen customer Aston Martins joined the track day, including three (!!) One-77’s, plus several demo Astons in special colors.

Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 582

I joined the event with my Fire Red V12 Vantage (still my preferred track tool) and had a great time. Luckily the weather was a lot better than at last year’s “slippery when wet” edition 🙂 This time, it was dry the entire day, even with a bit sun in the afternoon, resulting in ultimate grip with my semi-slick P-Zero Corsa tyres.

Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 555

Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 611

Of course I was driving most of the day, but between sessions I found the time to take photos of the Astons in the pit lane and some fly-by shots of the One-77’s in action. I also have shot some video of my own laps, taking with a camera attached to the windshield. A compilation video will follow as soon as I have processed the material.

Colourful Astons in and behind the pit lane

By now you know I like Astons with real colours (as opposed to the usual funeral-style outfit). These are my favourites of the day, found in the pit lane and in the parking area behind the pit boxes.

V8 Vantage SP10 in Gulf outfit:
Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 584

V12 Vantage S in Stratus White with orange striping by Q:
Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 522

V12 Vantage S in Yellow Tang, with the optional graphics pack:
Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 627

V12 Vantage S x 2, in Cobalt Blue and Stratus White:
Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 637

Vanquish in Flame Orange:
Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 591

And my favourite: V12 Vantage S in Viridian Green!
Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 529

The One-77’s

Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 614

Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 629

Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 528

Big 5 Nürburgring 2014 - 576

More photos:

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