Test driving the DB11

Full disclosure: I am a Vantage fan. I have owned 5 in total and still own one V12 Vantage Roadster and one V8 Vantage coupe. I love the short, brutal look, the noise it makes and especially the sportier, more engaged drive. So I knew up front that the DB11 would not be my cup of tea. After all, it is the successor to the DB9, which always has been the more “GT” model within Aston Martin’s portfolio: a comfortable daily driver. That said, as a long-time Aston Martin fan, I am very interested in the DB11, to find out where Aston Martin is going, in terms of looks, engines, technology, interior, infotainment, etc… if only to get a glimpse of what the next Vantage could be like. So I was very happy that, even though I am not a DB11 prospect, Kroymans Aston Martin still gave me the chance to test drive the DB11 on public roads around their dealership. To top that, this week they even invited me to come join a DB11 track day in Germany! Couldn’t say no to that! So what is the DB11 like?

Geneva 2015 – Vulcan

Last but not least, the Vulcan. A £1.8 million track-only hyper-car of which only 24 will be built. Still very much a prototype, no interior at all and all future carbon parts still shiny black plastic. But impressive none the less.

Geneva 2015 – Lagonda Taraf

Next to the 3 cars in the main area, the Aston Martin stand at Geneva also had the Lagonda Taraf, tucked away in a special area. I must say it looked better in person, but I am still not 100% sure about the looks of this one. But I wasn’t in the market for a 4-door Aston anyway 🙂

Geneva Motor Show 2015

As you’ve probably seen on our Facebook page, I have visited the Geneva Motor Show earlier this week. Obviously, I spent most of my time at the Aston Martin stand, making lots of pictures. In the meantime, I have made a selection of the best photos and will post them in the next couple of days, car by car.

The Vantage GT3 is here, and it rocks!

I haven’t been writing here for a while, partly because of a lack of time, partly because of a lack of Aston Martin news worth writing about. But today I must, because yesterday’s Aston press release re-ignited my Aston passion to the max. I am very happy to see Aston Martin can still do that. So what am I talking about? Well, look at it first and then we’ll talk: This is the new, limited to 100 examples, Vantage GT3 Special Edition!