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A DB7 with a V8 engine?

The DB7 was originally launched in 1994 with a 3.2 liter straight-6 engine, producing 335hp. Then in 1999, for the DB7 V12 Vantage, the engine was replaced with a 5.9 liter V12, delivering 420hp. So what do we have here? A DB7 with a V8 engine? The guys at Newport Pagnell created this one-off for the Saudi Arabian Royal family, squeezing a 6.3 liter V8 into the engine compartment (they had to add a bulge to the hood to manage it). Interestingly, this V8 powered DB7 is more powerful than the official V12 edition, at it brings 452 horses!

GTspirit gets to test a V12 Vantage Carbon Edition

Yes, you read that right. GTspirit tested the V12 Vantage. Wait, what? Do I mean the V12 Vantage Roadster maybe? Nope, the regular coupe version, that’s been around for over 3 years now. Judging from the text, it sounds like they just got to drive a V12 Vantage, while reviewing the 2012 facelift of the V8 Vantage. Oh well, their article does provide some good insights into the difference between the V8 and V12 versions of the Vantage. Next to that, looking at their photos it looks like they got to drive a very special V12 Vantage, an ultra-rare Carbon Edition.

The ONE-77 Collection

We received a very thick envelope from Aston Martin HQ in Gaydon. In it we found The ONE-77 Collection brochure. From the cover letter: “The ONE-77 is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin and to celebrate this amazing car, we have selected a small number of luxury partners to produce a collection of beautifully crafted pieces. From stunning jewelry to hand crafted silverware, each exclusive product is limited to only 77 pieces and just like the ONE-77, is destined to become a collector’s item in its own right.” If you missed out on getting the real deal, this may be your chance to own an exquisite ONE-77 creation. I’ve highlighted a couple of must-haves from the brochure, prices on request so I can only guess!

Will the upcoming Rapide (S) get the new V12 from the Vanquish?

Last week I already posted spy shots of a possible Rapide S. And today, both Autocar.co.uk and Leftlanenews.com came with more rumors about this future Rapide. Both sites claim that next year’s Rapide will get the new V12 from the Vanquish. Which means it may get up to 565hp, but it also possible that the engine will be downtuned somewhat for the Rapide. The question still remains: will this just be the new MY2013 Rapide, replacing the current Rapide, or will it be a new Rapide S model, positioned next to the Rapide. Currently my guess is that this new Rapide will replace the old one.

Vanquish Volante – first renders

There never was a convertible version of the old Vanquish, but it’s highly likely that there will be a Volante edition of the fantastic new Vanquish. It will probably be announced in 2013, with first customer cars being delivered in 2014. Some photoshop artists couldn’t wait that long and decided to render their own interpretations of a Vanquish Volante.

The V12 Zagato just got even more exclusive

When the V12 Zagato was introduced, it was said to be limited to 150 cars. However, it looks like it will be even more exclusive than that. Aston Martin has now announced that the production of the V12 Zagato will instead be limited to 101 units, 49 less than the initial planning.