The V12 Zagato just got even more exclusive

When the V12 Zagato was introduced, it was said to be limited to 150 cars. However, it looks like it will be even more exclusive than that.
Aston Martin has now announced that the production of the V12 Zagato will instead be limited to 101 units, 49 less than the initial planning.

We can only guess about the reason for this drop, but it’s likely that the interest in this ultra-rare monster was less than expected.
I must say I am not surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the looks of the V12 Zagato and would love to own one. But for me, apart from the exterior, it’s just too similar to the regular V12 Vantage (which I already own). It has the same engine and the same interior, apart from some extra Z’s, extra carbon and wavy stitching patterns. I haven’t driven one, but I suspect the ride is the same as my current car, or at least very close.

This similarity, combined with the enormous price tag, means I simply cannot justify spending the money on this car. But I must say the increased exclusivity is tempting… Nah, I’ve got another “1 of 101” beauty on order already ­čÖé


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