This weekend: Aston Martin at the Nürburgring 24 hours race

Only a few days to go… This weekend, from Sunday 17:00 to Monday 17:00, the 24 hours race of the Nürburgring will be held, on the infamous Nordschleife track. Aston Martin Racing will compete in the 24 hours race with 3 cars: The Bilstein-liveried V12 Vantage GT3 (shown above). Another V12 Vantage in close-to-production specification. The first hydrogen-powered race-car, a Rapide S. Next to that, 4 other Aston Martins, non-factory teams, will enter the race.

Geneva 2013: the Bertone Jet 2+2

At the Geneva Motorshow today, Bertone revealed their one-off shooting brake based on the Aston Martin Rapide: the Bertone Jet 2+2. Based on the Rapide? Yes indeed, this roomy 4-seater is based on the “old” Rapide, not the Rapide S. But it does have a big mouth similar to Aston Martin’s new S model of the Rapide. If you look closely, you can spot styling elements based on other Astons, like the “gills” at the front and rear lights, both reminding of the One-77.

New spy shots of the Rapide (S)

The new Rapide was spied again, without any camouflage. Is it the replacement of the current Rapide or is it a new Rapide S model, to be introduced next to the existing Rapide? Time will tell, but my guess still is that this will be a replacement.

“POWER BEAUTY SOUL” Tour visits Kroymans Aston Martin

The Power Beauty Soul tour visited our local Aston Martin dealer on October 4 and 5. A special event was held on Thursday night, for invited guests only. Aston Martin customers drooled over the gorgeous V12 Zagato, the new Vanquish and the limited edition V12 Vantage Roadster. The three beauties took up the entire front showroom.

New 2013 Rapide spied again, now without any camouflage

Here it is again, the new Rapide (MY2013), the one we first thought was going to be a new Rapide S model. By now, we’re quite certain this is “just” the new updated and facelifted regular Rapide. It is rumoured to get the new V12 engine from the new Vanquish. So we can expect it to get a considerable power upgrade, taking it from the current 470hp to over 500 hp (but probably staying well below the Vanquish’s 573hp).

Will the upcoming Rapide (S) get the new V12 from the Vanquish?

Last week I already posted spy shots of a possible Rapide S. And today, both and came with more rumors about this future Rapide. Both sites claim that next year’s Rapide will get the new V12 from the Vanquish. Which means it may get up to 565hp, but it also possible that the engine will be downtuned somewhat for the Rapide. The question still remains: will this just be the new MY2013 Rapide, replacing the current Rapide, or will it be a new Rapide S model, positioned next to the Rapide. Currently my guess is that this new Rapide will replace the old one.

Is this the new Rapide S?

Earlier this month, several car news sites published similar spy shots of what they claim is the upcoming Rapide S. This sportier version of the Rapide would get 40 extra horses (bringing it to 510 hp), a stiffer suspension, carbon ceramic brakes and of course a slightly altered look (confirmed by the camouflaged front and rear in these pics).