88 Limited Edition Golden Dragons, plus one :-)

Hi there, this is Sytske, Alwin’s wife. Alwin and I have visited the Gaydon factory several times now. It is always great fun and on two occasions we got a glimpse of cars that were not presented to the public yet. One was the new Vanquish, the other the limited edition The Dragon 88, for the Chinese market only.

Video of the ‘Power Beauty Soul Tour’

Aston Martin just released their latest video, featuring he ‘Power, Beauty, Soul Tour 2012‘ which took place in September and October this year. A series of exclusive events across Europe saw the presentation of the New Aston Martin Vanquish, V12 Vantage Roadster and the iconic V12 Zagato – the first time these three new models have been presented together…. Personally I had the chance to see the tour twice, once in Spa and the second time at Aston Martin Hilversum. Enjoy!

“POWER BEAUTY SOUL” Tour visits Kroymans Aston Martin

The Power Beauty Soul tour visited our local Aston Martin dealer on October 4 and 5. A special event was held on Thursday night, for invited guests only. Aston Martin customers drooled over the gorgeous V12 Zagato, the new Vanquish and the limited edition V12 Vantage Roadster. The three beauties took up the entire front showroom.

The license plate dilemma

I think this is a dilemma most sports cars owners recognize: where to place the license plate on the nose of your car without ruining her beauty? Every country has its own laws and regulations on where to place the license plate, how big it must be and what must legally be on it. In the Netherlands, we’re doomed with license plates measuring 52 centimeters wide and 11 centimeters high. Included on the license plate is the EU symbol or NL (Netherlands) sign. Only legally approved plates may be mounted on the car’s front and rear. For cars, one exception is made for American plates which are smaller in width but still 11 centimeters high. To be legally allowed to place the smaller plates on your vehicle, you have to have permission from the RDW, the Dutch Traffic Organization. Only a very small minority of imported or classic American cars are granted this 18:2 plate. And now for the dilemma.

Cars for Charity: Dutch ‘Droomrit voor het leven’ featuring many Astons

Last Saturday, September 29, the thirteenth edition of the Cars for Charity event “Droomrit voor het leven” (Dream ride for Life) was held in the Netherlands. The first edition took place in 2000. A student from the IVA business school decided to combine sport cars and children with health problems. For one day, children between the ages of 12 and 17, can forget their illness and have the day of their lives as a passenger in a true dream car. ‘Droomrit voor het leven’ is an annual event and only 50 cars can participate. Brand or year do not matter, what matters is that the cars are exclusive (so a limited amount of Porsches :-)) and that the children see them as dream cars. This years’ list of cars showed a massive amount of Aston Martins, including two very colorful V12 Vantages, Alwin’s Fire Red and his Flame Orange brother.

“POWER BEAUTY SOUL” Tour visits 27 Aston Martin dealers in nine countries

Aston Martin HQ has announced the ‘Power Beauty Soul‘ tour. The three new and existing models, the Vanquish, V12 Zagato and the V12 Vantage Roadster, embark on a tour to selected locations across Europe. The trio will visit 27 Aston dealerships in nine countries, either in the Aston’ showroom or at selected locations. Aston Martin customers will be invited to these exclusive events to goggle the beauties up close.