Touring the country side with 7 Astons

What is more fun than driving an Aston Martin?
Looking in your rearview mirror and seeing a single file of Astons following you!

Kroymans Aston Martin introduced the “Power Beauty Soul Mates” Club.
Aston owners who purchased their car in Hilversum, are invited to join. The PBSM Club organizes small and big events, for example visiting the Isle of Man (18 cars!) or a mountain road tour in the Dolomiti (13 equipes). But we also do day tours, touring the Netherlands.

Sunday, October 7 was a beautiful autumn day, with excellent weather conditions for a scenic tour with the PBSM Club. Seven cars participated and we toured the Eastern part of the Netherlands.
We had a lot of fun, so did the residents of villages we passed by. Imagine seven sports cars getting lost and reversing on your front lawn….


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