Visiting the Towbin Aston Martin dealer in Las Vegas

I am currently in Las Vegas for business, so yesterday I figured: While I am here, why not visit the local Aston Martin dealer, Towbin Motorcars. Towbin is a combined Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce dealership, with an impressive stock of new and used cars. The guys and gals at Towbin were friendly and I enjoyed talking with them about Aston Martin and of course, taking lots of pictures of the nice Astons they had in stock, including a very special Vanquish Volante. Here’s a selection of my photos:

Meeting Shmee150 in Amsterdam

I am sure you are familiar with the well-known Shmee150 YouTube channel / Facebook page and website. Last week, Tim Burton, aka Shmee150 himself, started on a 25-day “Where’s Shmee 2014” tour, taking him through 10 countries and to lots of super car related events and companies. On Friday, Tim did his first “Shmeeting” with his fans, right here in Amsterdam. And we were invited to join the Shmeeting with “something special”. Well, what’s more special than my V12 Roadster in its’ Union Jack livery?

Agent 002 at the BorderRun 2014

Our freshly wrapped V12 Roadster had its’ public debut this weekend at this year’s Borderrun event. Borderrun is a supercar tour with 140 supercars and sportcars through Zeeland (the south-west part of the Netherlands and the north-west part of Belgium). We joined the tour with 3 friends driving another Aston Martin (a matte black V8 Vantage Roadster) and two Cobra’s.

Agent 002 is back, now in Union Jack style!

Summer 2014 is coming, which means our calendar is filling up with lots of car events. So it’s about time that our favourite summer car, the Cobalt Blue V12 Roadster, gets a nice summer outfit again. Last year, the Roadster was made into a look-a-like of the Vantage GT3 in Bilstein livery. For this summer, we wanted something equally wild, but with an original design. So we dropped off our blue beauty at JD Customs and they designed and created this spectacular Union Jack style wrap:

Confirmed: the 24th Bond movie will feature an Aston Martin!

It has been confirmed, the next Bond movie, for now referred to as “Bond 24”, will again feature an Aston Martin! This was confirmed by Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, at yesterday’s opening of the “Bond in Motion” exhibition in London. When asked whether the movie would again feature an Aston Martin, they responded: We’re looking at one, but that’s a secret. It’s a new design. and We were with Aston Martin yesterday, that’s how up to date we are with it! Can you guess what the new Aston will be? I hope it will be the new Vantage! Source: Yahoo Movies Picture by: 007 NL

Power Beauty Soulmates Sunday Drive – The Boulevard Tour

The new Power Beauty Soulmates season 2014 has started, with the first Sunday Drive of 2014. And for the first time ever, this Sunday Drive was not members-only; this one was open for any Aston Martin owner. On this beautiful sunny day, twenty-three Astons showed for and a nice drive along the Dutch coast. ( a special thanks to Cindy and Jackie of, for letting us use their road book )