Customizing my V12 Vantage – Part 1 : Carbon Fibre Mirror Caps

All Aston Martin cars are close to perfection the way they roll off the production line. But still, I can’t resist customizing them. Either to add factory options that were not available at the time of purchase, to make changes that Gaydon doesn’t offer, or just to give the car a completely new look after owning it for a while. After I purchased my V12 Vantage, now over 3 years ago, I left it “as-is” for 2 years. But then, the customizing began. In this “Customizing my V12 Vantage” series, I will show and tell you about all changes I made to the red monster since then. The above two photos show my “blank canvas”, the way the car looked when it was still at the dealership, at the time of my test drive. Nothing wrong with that right? Now let’s make it even better. Step 1: Carbon fibre mirror caps.

Just picked up: my new V12 Vanquish S

It’s Friday the 13th, but no bad luck for me, because today is the day I can pick up the newest addition to my Aston Martin collection: a 2006 V12 Vanquish S! (BTW: remember that white V8 Vantage S Roadster in the background? Yes, that’s my ex-V8-Roadster, the one I traded in on my V12 Roadster. It pains me to see it’s still in the showroom, waiting for a new owner. Like it? Please go and buy it!)

My new Aston: a V12 Vanquish S!

The V12 Vanquish has always been one of my favorite Astons, a timeless classic. It was inevitable that sooner or later I would own one, just a matter of the right car becoming available on the market. And this week, it did! My dealer told me about this beautiful 2006 V12 Vanquish S being for sale. So I visited the showroom, checked the car out, went for a test drive… and bought it the same day! ๐Ÿ™‚

88 Limited Edition Golden Dragons, plus one :-)

Hi there, this is Sytske, Alwin’s wife. Alwin and I have visited the Gaydon factory several times now. It is always great fun and on two occasions we got a glimpse of cars that were not presented to the public yet. One was the new Vanquish, the other the limited edition The Dragon 88, for the Chinese market only.