The Vanquish in its’ new pajamas

My V12 Vanquish S has new red pajamas!

Vanquish cover cover

The V12 Vanquish is destined to be a future classic. So I am very careful with my Tungsten Silver beauty from 2008. A few weeks ago I already had it wrapped in Xpel protection film.

Now I have given it a “hand-made in Gaydon” official Aston Martin V12 Vanquish car cover, to keep it protected from rain and dirt when I am not driving it.

Doesn’t it look cool in its’ red pajamas?

Vanquish car cover - front

Aston Martin logo on front

Vanquish logo on side

One Comment:

  1. Hello,

    Congratulations for your beautiful Vanquish S, you made the right choice.
    The AMOC is organizing on Saturday 26th April 2014 the “Vanquish Day”.
    More than 35 Vanquish/S (2001-2007) are already registered for that event !
    We’ll all be gathering at Works Newport Pagnell then there’ll be a road trip.
    I’m a french owner of a 2007 Vanquish S, maybe you could join us ?

    For sure the Vanquish S is a modern classic, the last hand-built Aston Martin at Newport Pagnell factory, more than 200 MPH top speed, only 1086 ever built… a true Supercar.


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