CC100 Speedster Concept voted “Most beautiful concept car of the year”

Obviously everybody knows that Aston Martin makes the most beautiful cars in the world. But it’s nice to see that fact confirmed by some “official” jury once in a while: This week, at The Festival Automobile International in Paris, the CC100 Speedster Concept was voted the “Most beautiful concept car of the year”. No arguments here. Just look at it, what a beauty. Here’s some more photos I took of the CC100 at the Parade event at the Nürburgring last year:

1965 DB5 convertible – only 123 made

The DB5 is probably the most famous Aston Martin ever made. But did you know Aston Martin has also produced 123 copies of a DB5 convertible? One of those 123 cars is now listed for sale at and it is stunning! Black pearl paint with a deep burgundy leather interior.

Shmee150’s dad buys a V12 Vantage

If you’re a car nut, you’re sure to know and follow Shmee150’s YouTube channel, blog and/or Facebook page. In the past few weeks, Tim (aka Shmee150) had been dropping hints that could indicate he might be buying a new car, trading in his Audi R8 V10 Spyder. So last Friday, when Shmee150 posted a picture on Facebook of the Aston Martin dealership in Leeds, UK with a shiny white V12 Vantage in the window, everyone immediately concluded that he was going to buy an Aston Martin. But it turned out he wasn’t. His dad was!

Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 for sale

If you are looking for a real bond car, then this is your chance! At dupontregistry you can find an 1964 Aston Martin DB5 with chassis number DB5/2008/R, fully implemented with Bond gadgets (evolving license plates, hubcap blades, hidden guns, a bulletproof screen, radar, a smoke machine and some other cool things that are indispensable for 007). The DB5 is one of four DB5’s made for the Bond movie franchise and this particular one was created for promotional use of the movie Thunderball.