PBSM Club Sunday Drive – June 2013

Two months ago had gone by since the last Sunday Drive of the Dutch “Power Beauty Soulmates”, so it was time for another meeting. This time, 12 PBSM members and their Astons met for lunch at the Kieviet Hotel in Wassenaar.

PBSM Sunday Drive June 2013 - 4007

After lunch, they left for a nice route along the Dutch coast, via Katwijk, Noordwijk, Zandvoort, to end up for drinks at the Duin en Kruidberg hotel in Santpoort.

PBSM Sunday Drive June 2013 - 4043

The line-up

Twelve Astons joined this Sunday Drive, including some interesting and rare examples:

  • 1 x V12 Vanquish
  • 1 x V12 Vanquish S
  • 1 x DBS Volante
  • 2 x V12 Vantage Roadster (#002 and #097)
  • 3 x V12 Vantage
  • 1 x V8 Vantage
  • 1 x V8 Vantage S Roadster
  • 1 x V8 Vantage Roadster
  • 1 x DB7 Vantage Volante

Both Dutch V12 Vantage Roadsters

There’s only two V12 Vantage Roadsters in the Netherlands and both were present at this meeting. The Cobalt Blue one is my #002, the other one is #097, in Azurite Black.

PBSM Sunday Drive June 2013 - 4044

PBSM Sunday Drive June 2013 - 4034

PBSM Sunday Drive June 2013 - 4049

Two times V12 Vanquish

A timeless classic, the V12 Vanquish, was present in both regular and S editions.

PBSM Sunday Drive June 2013 - 4028

PBSM Sunday Drive June 2013 - 4036

Astons with real colours

How do you like this combo? Fire Red, Aston Martin Racing Green and Cobalt Blue?
See? Aston Martins don’t need to be all black or silver!

PBSM Sunday Drive June 2013 - 4065

More photos

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! A colorfull collection Aston Martins on a place!! Especially the second picture is very beautiful shooted.

    The Vanquishs looks extremely timeless. I enjoy always to see pictures of previous generations Aston Martins as Vanquish and DB7.

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