Ad for used Aston Martins -> FAKE!

This picture is currently going around on Twitter and Facebook as being Aston Martin’s new ad for pre-owned cars. The message: “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?”. Of course, this is not real Aston Martin ad, it is a FAKE ad. Here’s the story:

aston martin ad - pre-owned - you know you're not the first, but do you really care

Of course, if you look closely, you will see it is highly unlikely that this is a real Aston Martin ad. Someone has just doctored this up in Photoshop and posted it online. After which it went viral.

The most important hint that this is fake is the typo in the ad: it says “PRE OWED” instead of “PRE OWNED”.

A quick search on Google Images shows that the photo was taken from the January 2012 issue of Playboy Germany, showing dutch Playmate Rosanne Jongenelen.

(UPDATE: I had the original image of the ad here, but have been forced to remove it after I received this nice email from Aston Martin’s lawyers.
UPDATE 2: Another email, this time from Playboy Netherlands, forcing me to also remove the small (300px high) thumbnail of the original Playboy photo.
So we’ll have to make do with the black and white outline image above. Hopefully that is okay with the lawyers of this world.)

Anyway, back to the fake ad…:

The message “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?” is not original either. The same tagline was used in 2008 by BMW to advertise their Premium Selection.
Yes, that ad was real.

2008 BMW used cars ad

In 2011, a dealership in Ontario also used the message, in two ads to attract male and female audiences to their used car selection.

Used car ad from Ontario dealership Dale Wurfel


  1. I still find it funny as an viral add, no matter who made it I love Aston Martin. And as a man and also prime target group for AM I certainly don’t find it too much

    Jakob R
    Copenhagen Denmark

  2. Well….Even its fake or real….Its quite worth looking…

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  4. Also, in the fake advert, there is a space before the “?” which is also considered a typo, typographically (pun intended).

  5. Aston Martin is a car for guys…..that ad !…is for guys..come on Aston Martin lagonda… lighten up..Its the best Advert youv’e had for years.

  6. Has no one else notice the typo?

    It says “PRE OWED”. Should be “PRE OWNED”.

    Although most guys would probably respond with “This ad has type?”!!!! 😉

  7. Real or fake. Who cares. People talks about the ad. That’s what really matters for commercial purposes. This is the best ad in years.

  8. Brilliant add, I went and bought one …..gorgeous….both of them.

  9. Wrong and fake

    Very few people want to have sex with a virgin girl. Everyone wants a new car. Even from a sexist point of view, that adv is wrong.

  10. This advert is currently displayed in the window of the pre owned Aston Martin dealership in Olney, Bucks so not a fake and very sexist !!!

  11. Real or fake, this is a fucked up ad and men liking it shows how little anything has been done to combat this kind of blatant sexism.

    • It’s only sexist if your unattractive and jealous…

    • Get Raped Feminazi

      Wanting to have sex with an attractive girl is not sexist you fucking moron. Go get raped you half wit. I should probably forgive your stupidity as you are a woman.

      • you are a disgusting human being, and an idiot. wanting to have sex with an attractive person is not the sexist part, it’s sexist because the ad equates a woman to an object, dumb ass. you are the stupid one. do you not have a mother, sister, grandmother, female friends? how could you ever say, “go get raped”?

        • Both right – and both wrong!!

          It is brilliant (and not many people would see a tiny spelling error – far too busy looking at other things!). Not fair to criticise it – is it ‘sexist’? If so, then so are most pop videos.

          But telling this girl to go and get raped was wrong – very, very wrong. Shows that the bloke who said it is a sad retard.

        • Yes, he has a mother, sister, and a female friend. The trouble is, they are all the same person, and if it were not for rape, he wouldn’t be here to type those precious comments.

      • Jesus christ dude what the fuck is wrong with you. Being compared to a car is not fucking sexist? Please come out of the stone age before you tell people to “go get raped” like the fucking loser you are

      • Go get raped yourself, don’t think because you’re a man you can’t be raped. You can. And with a little bad luck, you will. Enjoy it then and take that “wonderful time” to think about your comment…

    • Get Raped Feminazi

      Wanting to have sex with an attractive girl is not sexist you fucking moron. Go get raped you half wit. I should probably forgive your stupidity as you are a woman!!

      • I hope you rot in hell for that comment you asshole. Fuck. You.

      • I hope someone takes a brick to your head, never tell a woman to go get raped you absolute scum of the earth

      • Objectifying women by comparing sex with one to driving a frigging car is UNDOUBTEDLY sexist, you uneducated disgusting fuck.

        • The truth is, sex sells. It always has, and it always will. Pop culture today is nothing but sex. Sexist or not, it will still convert to at least one sale for Aston Martin. Of course they won’t publicly back the ad, but it does reach a target audience. Not everyone shares the same views. If we did, there would never be another war. Look at a Calvin Klein ad sometime, and tell me that the sight of David Beckham running around in his briefs doesn’t get at least one of your female friends excited. You can clearly see the angle of his dangle. Someone will buy those briefs because of that ad. Whether it be a guy trying to impress his significant other, or a girlfriend dying to see their man in a pair. An ad like that sends all sorts of messages. Guys are just as insecure about their image as women are, and the only thing different about the advertisements to each is the gender being targeted. We can dislike them all we want, but carnal desires have been around forever and marketing agencies know that. So what do we do? Consume, as always, because we are the consumers. Arms folded or not.

          • Nice try dude but guys are not the ones being objectified on a regular basis and guys are not the ones that face systematic oppression because of it. You should actually rwad more about feminism instead of reading whatever men have to say about a woman’s issue.

  12. I want a poster and this ad should be made into one. I have a special one off Aston Martin and believe me I do not find this ad in any way offensive. i want a dozen posters of this ad.

  13. Sexist? Perhaps to those with a narrow view, but let’s face it sexual attraction is why we’re all here. I assume your parents were sexually attracted to each other even if you mother is physically different from this model. When adults play sexually its the lizard part of the brain is what gets very active. Men and women have been admiring the other’s anatomy forever. Sometimes its not right, but sometimes it is. You registered your complaint and I’m registering my approval.

    • It’s so fucking ironic that you compare finding this ad sexist to having a narrow view. Open your fucking eyes and get out of the stone age you fucking crustacean. Camparing human beings to used vehicles is the epitome of degradation and you can take your oppression-apologist ass somewhere far away.

      • Can you chill you’re not helping anything with you’re aggressive name calling style

      • Hey babe, why don’t you make such a sexist ad against men and make the world laugh…if you have something called creativity? Take it in sportsman (sorry sportswoman)spirit and let’s see who will win. love you :*

      • All dat talk about grammar and spelling… Getting sloppy, are we eh? It’s fact that the so highly spoken respect of human being (a-sexual word, btw) is for sure lacking in your case. Perhaps it is time for you to understand that respect first and then you may, but only may, be lucky enough to earn some respect for yourself. Now, even in that highly unlikely event of God (mighty word, let’s see how you diss this) allows it to happen, you still must be able to properly construct your criticism. Now, perhaps it’s just better to tap you on your but and let you go back to play. I’ll take keys for my AM and go for a spin. See, I got mine only because of that addvert, and now how was I since my last spin? Pretty much similar pair of lingerie decided pn mybehalf to hop in… Think and thank for that for respect and sexism point of view. You see, it might be undoubtly difficult from that angst of yours. Lighten up!

  14. That’s not helping women rights around the world. We have a lot of work to do. Man kills women everyday just for those stupid sexist behaviours, and it is very serious.

  15. Interesting, that people say this is not sexist. And of course, women that do not like this add are ugly or sour feminists. Well, sorry for not liking to be portrayed as two anonymous, humble available fuck holes. No matter how beautiful the surroundings are.

  16. I’m neither a feminist, unattractive, a left-winger or an Aston Martin driver, but as a woman with a brain, this shit objectifies and devalues women. What they’re saying is she is a used come bucket, but because she’s hot, [men] will still want her. Says more about all the men commenting ‘hooray’ than it does about the clever prick who came up with this.

  17. The articles shows examples of this advert using both men and women, using the same tagline. As such, I have great difficulty seeing the sexism angle. I’m also going to take a leap of faith and assume that all the models featured (male and female) were happy to pose in front of a camera, and were well-rewarded for their work. Nobody has been degraded or oppressed, so what’s the problem..?

    • While youre right that the original advert does a good job of objectifying the whole human race, the fake advert is objectifying women. Its not only incredibly messed up, its sexist.

  18. Iwouldshitonyouificould

    I think this advertisement is degrading. I agree with Kat. There are so many things that is wrong with this fake “advertisement” and it reflects poorly on the society we live in. I would like to know how your mothers, wives, sisters, and/or daughters would feel about the way you look at women and how that plays a part in their development as human beings. Is this the way you would want men to view your daughter if you had one? You sick bastards.

    • Ask the guys that are doing life in federal prison for selling fake penis enlargement drugs how sensitive men are.

  19. I wonder if both ads, the fake Aston Martin ad & the real BMW ad, featured a young male in exactly the same poses would there be more of an outrage? Something to think about.

  20. Just think if men and women were truly equal then chivalry which ladies love would be dead

    • The actual meaning of chivalry has nothing to do with women, real chivalry is about honor, doing things because they are right, even if it hurts you. What you are talking about, is treating a woman with respect, because you value her. Which has nothing to do with equality or chivalry.

  21. Pre Owed….I think makes a lot of sense….for the Aston Martin as well as the girl! LOL….come on lighten up.

  22. Some of you ladies need to chill. Why are you so angry about a woman’s form being displayed to get attention? As a woman, I Love the fact that my form is a turn on. Whether the ad is real, fake spoof, whatever, the fact that you girls get so worked up about this is just so silly, you sound like angry pms’ing parrots. Please ladies, let your hair down, embrace your beauty and be comfortable knowing that someone loves you to. And for the girl pictured, yeah, I’d totally hit that. Because I’m a lesbian and love hot woman to.

    • Wow….. so you are a lesbian that likes being a turn on for men… and is okay with women getting objectified by men, okay with women being put on display by men for men……. lol why do I have trouble believing that, you know, as an actual lesbian. And the fact that you say “pmsing parrots” is a giant red flag for your sexism. Yeah, because women that want to be known for merit, for more than something superficial and objectifying, must be under the pms affliction. At this point I can’t decide if Kitty’s post is clever troll or clever poe.

  23. Effing WHY SHOULD WE CARE?

  24. now that’s advertisment!

    Hot girl, big brand logo and a bunch of ladies going crazy about women’s rights and role in society, it has it all!!!

  25. Anybody know the name of the photographer of the original BMW campaign, with the playboy model Rosanna?

  26. No one seems to have noticed that the ad on the right is for gay men. It’s a picture of the designer, Tom Ford, who is indeed gay.

    As far as the other stuff goes, the ad is pretty bad. “Pre-owned” suggests that her previous men owned her and now you can own her.

    The whole idea of “not being first” sort of suggests she’s a “slut” and feeds into men’s confusions around that issue. They hate/love sluts. They want to f***k them, but not take them home to mother.

    Too bad for these men; they are waaaay behind the times. And I’m not even talking about the social or political issues mentioned above. If this little girl turns you on (truly) your psyche is lost in the past. You probably still think whooppee cushions are the leading edge of humor. And walk around in slippers and a smoking jacket in imitation of that relic Hugh Hefner.

    Honestly, this ad belongs in that great book, American Cornball, a laffopedic guide to the formerly funny (or sexy). It’s old, tired. It lowers Aston Martin into the same league as a stock car with a bosomy, bikini-clad peroxide job stretched out over the saddle and gas tank to “catch your eye.”

  27. Clearly it is a tragedy that this poor woman has been treated as a sex object. If she would like to avenge this I’m willingly make the sacrifice and personally allow her to treat me as sex object to help her to assuage her pain.

  28. As for the Ad itself…….. I’m sorry, but I’m having great difficulty concentrating. However, in my opinion, stunning photograph, beautiful woman, great, funny concept, which is of course sexist, that’s the point. But other than Mr Rapey’s comments (who really needs to think before airing his thoughts in public) can we please lighten up a little? With reference to a previous poster commenting on Beckham’s undercarriage, I don’t recall any strident feminists decrying that Ad. Have a nice day y’all.

  29. The Internet:
    Another nail in the coffin of civilised debate.


  31. I wrote an entire essay on this ad just to find out that it’s fake. Man, i’m doing college so well.

  32. Thanks for letting us know the name of the model 😉

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