Taking Agent #002 to Monaco and back

I have just returned from a great trip in “Agent #002”, my Cobalt Blue V12 Roadster. Six days of driving, from Amsterdam to Monaco and back, 3,000 kilometers in total! The trip was organized by Cars and Business, a Dutch car club for owners of sports cars and super cars of all brands, not only Aston Martins. 2 Astons (my V12 Roadster and a DBS Volante), 3 Ferraris, 3 Mercs, 3 Porsches, 1 Audi and 1 Rolls, driving from the Netherlands to Luxembourg, through France, through Switzerland, then Italy, back to France, to finally arrive in Monaco. So please excuse the occasional german or italian cars appearing the pictures below 🙂

Geneva 2013 – DB9 and DB9 Volante

I have never been much of a DB9 fan, but I must admit that I really like the looks of the new 2013 DB9. Subtle changes, but they fully bring this car up-to-date again. I haven’t driven it yet, the specs are promising though. In terms of power, the new DB9 is now at the same level of the retired DBS: 517 hp and a max torque of 620 Nm. In Geneva, Aston Martin displays both a DB9 (in the beautiful color Ming Blue) and a DB9 Volante (in the kind of boring color Amethyst Red).

It’s here, the new DB9!

We’ve already seen the spy shots and spots, but now it has been officially revealed by Aston Martin: the new version of everyone’s favorite Aston, the DB9. That is, the favorite of everyone who have never driven the various Aston Martin models. Otherwise they would know better. Because let’s be fair, the DB9 might be beautiful and elegant, but it’s not really the most exciting car to drive. In fact, compared to say a Vantage or a DBS, I dare say that driving a DB9 is kind of boring. How it became so popular as everyone’s “dream car” is beyond me. Jeremy Clarkson maybe? Anyway, I digress… let’s look at the new DB9.

More DB9 2013 spy shots, taken near the Nürburgring

Last week we already spotted the new Virage DB9 in a parking garage in Mallorca. Today new spy shots appeared that were taken near Aston’s test center at the Nürburgring, again of both a coupe and a Volante. And yes, we’re sure this is the new DB9, even though it looks exactly like a Virage. It’s likely that next year, the Virage model will disappear and this car, basically a facelift of the Virage, will be introduced as the new DB9.