It’s here, the new DB9!

We’ve already seen the spy shots and spots, but now it has been officially revealed by Aston Martin: the new version of everyone’s favorite Aston, the DB9.

That is, the favorite of everyone who have never driven the various Aston Martin models. Otherwise they would know better. Because let’s be fair, the DB9 might be beautiful and elegant, but it’s not really the most exciting car to drive. In fact, compared to say a Vantage or a DBS, I dare say that driving a DB9 is kind of boring. How it became so popular as everyone’s “dream car” is beyond me. Jeremy Clarkson maybe?

Anyway, I digress… let’s look at the new DB9.

The DB9 Coupe – MY2013:

The DB9 Volante – MY2013:

Now I must admit, it is a beauty. Okay, it looks exactly like a Virage with a slightly higher duck tail, but let’s forget the Virage, it is gone now. For the DB9, this is a very nice facelift. The flared front, the new headlights, the more pronounced sills, the new “flip” in the rear lid, they all combine to make the car look more brutal and slightly less elegant (which is a good move IMO).

So aside from the cosmetic changes, what’s new in the technical department?
The new 2013 DB9 is fitted with the new generation AM11 V12 engine (developed for the new Vanquish), which gives it “dual variable valve timing, enlarged throttle bodies, uprated fuel pump, revised intake manifold and machined combustion chambers.”
This results in an increased power output of 517 hp and a max torque of 620 Nm (up from 470 hp and 600 Nm). And to be complete, for readers who are interested in those numbers (I am not…): Top speed: 295 km/h, 0-62 mph: 4.6 seconds.

Other technical improvements include carbon ceramic brakes (as standard) and an Adaptive Damping System with 3 settings (Normal, Sport and Track).

As for luxury and interior, the DB9 is finally coming with automatic windscreen wipers with a rain sensor, an optional reversing camera and several cosmetic enhancements for the interior taken from the Virage and Rapide (e.g. the glass buttons).

All in all, it looks like the new DB9 may have become a much more sporty car than the outgoing version. Will I need to revise my view of the DB9 being the most boring Aston?
I can’t wait to drive it and find out for myself. Expect to find my review here.

More DB9 2013 press pics:


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