An Aston with an AMG V8? Yes please!

When InvestIndustrial took a stake in Aston Martin, rumours already indicated that this could indicate a future partnership with AMG, because InvestIndustrial’s ties with the German company. This week, an official Aston Martin press release confirmed the rumours: Aston Martin and AMG have signed a letter of intent, agreeing that Aston Martin will get access to AMG V8 powertrains and electric/electronic architecture components, in exchange for a 5% stake in the Aston Martin company.

Aston Martin talking with Daimler AG about engine development?

According to this morning’s Bloomberg post, Aston Martin is talking with Daimler AG “and other manufacturers” about jointly developing high-end engines and other electronic parts. Andrea Bonomi, Investindustrial’s chairman, said that they’re aiming to reach an agreement within 2 months. I’m all for it. More modern V8 and V12 engines are very welcome, if only to make them more fuel-efficient and to reduce CO2 emissions. Let’s hope they will also discuss creating a better automatic, preferably double-clutch gearbox (at the top of my wish list for future Astons).