The Aston Martin’s and Lagonda’s at the Interclassics & Topmobiel fair

This weekend I visited the 2014 edition of the yearly Interclassics & Topmobiel fair in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Last year’s edition was the best year for Aston Martin fans, because it celebrated AM’s 100 year anniversary. But still, lots of Aston Martin’s to find this year. Here’s some photos I took during the event. A couple of Lagonda’s from the pre-Aston Martin days, several beautiful classic Aston and two modern ones.

The Astons at the Interclassics fair

Last weekend the Interclassics-Topmobiel fair was held in Maastricht, the Netherlands and one of its’ two themes was “100 years of Aston Martin”. Sadly I couldn’t attend the fair because I was in London for … Aston Martin’s 100 year anniversary. Oh well… However, two photographer friends of mine (Jim Appelmelk and Willem Verstraten) did go and allowed me to use their photos here.