The perfect V12 Vantage?

Remember’s review of the V12 Vantage? At the time, I already spotted and reported that the specific car they got to review was a very rare Carbon Edition and in a rare color too: Flame Orange. Well, this very special V12 Vantage has come to the Netherlands (my home country) and is now for sale at my local Aston Martin dealer (Kroymans Hilversum). This week I had the privilege of seeing this car in person and I have to say: this may be the most beautiful and most complete V12 Vantage I have ever seen. But is it the perfect V12 Vantage?

Two more Vanquish spots

The factory Vanquish cars are really getting out there now. Yesterday, two different cars have been photographed by car-spotters, one in Germany and one in Belgium. Spotter “whoopyload” found this baby blue Vanquish stopping for fuel in Germany. Judging from all the dead bugs on the front of the car, the drivers had been pushing it on the Autobahn.

More DB9 2013 spy shots, taken near the N├╝rburgring

Last week we already spotted the new Virage DB9 in a parking garage in Mallorca. Today new spy shots appeared that were taken near Aston’s test center at the N├╝rburgring, again of both a coupe and a Volante. And yes, we’re sure this is the new DB9, even though it looks exactly like a Virage. It’s likely that next year, the Virage model will disappear and this car, basically a facelift of the Virage, will be introduced as the new DB9.

New 2013 Rapide spied again, now without any camouflage

Here it is again, the new Rapide (MY2013), the one we first thought was going to be a new Rapide S model. By now, we’re quite certain this is “just” the new updated and facelifted regular Rapide. It is rumoured to get the new V12 engine from the new Vanquish. So we can expect it to get a considerable power upgrade, taking it from the current 470hp to over 500 hp (but probably staying well below the Vanquish’s 573hp).