Vantage Turbo: Forged Engine Internals

Previously we have shown you the stock items in the Aston Martin engine we are going to use for our project (the 4.7 version). We bought a lot of aftermarket parts to replace the weaker stock parts. Here are some pics of the replacement parts.


We have a sleeve made out of ductile iron. The wall will be 4mm thick, which is twice the thickness of the stock sleeves. The thicker wall combined with a better material over the stock items will make this engine a lot stronger. We have also added a collar to the sleeve to have the headgasket seal better.

LA Sleeve1


We have to lower the compression in the engine to allow turbo pressure. This combined with the change in bore due to the thicker sleeves, we have made custom pistons. The pistons we have are with skirt coating.

CP Piston2


The stock rods are the weakest items in the engine. We had replacement rods made in a strong I-beam by Pauter rods.

The replacement rod is on the left, the stock rod on the right:


The engine is currently at our machine shop. We will update you soon on the build progress.


  1. Do you have more updates?

  2. Hi I’m Dan,
    How’s the turbo V8 project going ? I have a DB9 ( 2007 ) and would love to give it more power, I’m aware about the twin supercharged DBS that was done by R2Racing in Russia, they was getting 750 BHP using a pair of rotrex C30 superchargers @ 0,55 bar, do you know of anyone that has pressure charged a v12 Aston, if so can you send me a link or some specs.
    What about the V8 ? How far from finishing are you ?


  3. I’m guessing something went BOOM… no updates.. I’ll just keep my 500rw esprit, it’s been great at taking a good flogging for a few years now

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