Rumoured Lagonda sedan rendered by Wild Speed

Remember the spy shots of a possible new Aston Martin Lagonda prototype that I posted a few weeks ago?
It is still rumoured to be a limited-run bespoke model by the Aston Martin Q branch, possibly called Lagonda.

Aston Martin super saloon - front left

The guys from Wild Speed decided to show what this car could look like in reality and made this rendering:

Aston Martin Lagonda render by Wild Speed

What do you think?

Personally, I don’t like it and I think it is unlikely the final car will look like this. It just doesn’t give me an “Aston Martin feeling”. The grill is wrong, and headlights are in the wrong place. And what about that suddenly rectangular rear window? I understand, it’s supposed to be a hint of the old Lagonda, but it just doesn’t fit the otherwise smoothly lined car.

Let’s hope that the real Aston Martin designers will do better!

Source: Wild Speed

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