Over 200 supercars at the premiere of the Need for Speed movie

The Need for Speed movie is here! This Saturday, the movie was premiered in Ede, the Netherlands. And to make the premiere extra spectacular, over 200 supercars were invited, including our Cobalt Blue V12 Roadster and our yellow italian monster.

Gathering at JD Customs 1

Gathering at JD Customs

The fun began early, as around 40 of the invited supercars gathering at JD Customs in Bergschenhoek. The group included 4 Astons, my V12 Roadster, a DBS, a DBS Volante and a V12 Vanquish, and a very special selection of other supercars, like two Bugatti Veyrons, two Lamborghini Aventadors, a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Mercedes SLS AMG and my own yellow Ferrari 458 Italia.

DBS Volante and something yellow

Gathering at JD Customs 2

V12 Vanquish S

Fuel stop

On our way to Ede, we stopped at a gas station to meet with more supercars.

Blue at the Fuel Stop 1

Blue at the Fuel Stop 2

Fuel stop

Two Avendators at the fuel stop

Arriving in Ede

Our arrival in Ede was total chaos, as thousands of spectators had come to see the “most expensive traffic jam” ever.

Blue arriving in Ede - by Mats Bulters

V12 Roadster hiding behind Aventador - by Mitchell Bekker

Yellow arriving in Ede

DBS Volante - Mitchell van Alphen

Parking at the cinema

The parking at the cinema was the main attraction for all spectators. As you can see, our Blue roadster found itself a nice spot between two expensive friends ๐Ÿ™‚

V12 Roadster between friends - by Mitchell Bekker

V12 Roadster between friends - by Frans Bulterman

DBS in Infra Red - by Quinten van Stiphout

DBS in Infra Red - by Mats Bulters

DBS Volante - by Michael de Jong

DBS Volante - by Van Dorp Exclusive Automobiles

Photo credits: Mitchell Bekker, Mats Bulters, Quinten van Stiphout, Michael de Jong, Mitchell van Alphen, Frans Bulterman and Van Dorp Exclusive Automobiles.

Need for Speed movie trailer:

Almost forgot what we came for: the movie. Entertaining and some impressive action scenes. But I must say, the drive to Ede was more spectacular ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the Need for Speed movie trailer:

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