The ending: V12 Vantage discontinued

It’s official: Aston Martin has stopped the production of my favorite Aston: the V12 Vantage.
Two weeks ago, on Friday April 19, an official communication was sent to all dealers, that no more orders for the V12 Vantage (the Coupe that is) were being accepted.

4 x V12 Vantage - front

Nearly 1,200 produced

The V12 Vantage was introduced in 2009, originally planned to be limited to 1,000 units, without homologation for the USA. Later on, the V12-powered Vantage was brought to the USA anyway, at the same time lifting the 1,000 unit limit.

So ultimately, during the four years that the V12 Vantage has been in production, nearly 1,200 units have been built. (over 1,320 V12 Vantages in total, including the 101 V12 Vantage Roadsters and an unknown number of V12 Zagato’s).

BTW: there are rumours that a small run of V12 Vantage “Centenary Editions” may still be produced later, but I think this is unlikely. Why communicate the production has stopped, if you’re going to resume it later?
But who knows, the guys in Gaydon have surprised me before 🙂

4 x V12 Vantage - rear

The end of an era?

A small car like the Vantage, with a 6 litre V12 engine and a manual gearbox.
Will this ever happen again? Let’s hope it will, but chances are small.

Remember Jeremy Clarkson’s commentary in the now legendary “An Ending” video?

Well… it’s an Aston Martin Vantage, with a V12 engine…
So what do you think it’s going to be like?
It is fantastic, it’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…

What it makes me feel though, is sad.
I just can’t help thinking that, thanks to all sorts of things…
… the environment, the economy, problems in the Middle East, the relentless war on speed …
… cars like this will soon be consigned to the history books.

I just have this horrible, dreadful feeling …
… that what I am driving here, is an ending.


This great video has always given me goosebumps, but now even more:

Goodnight …


  1. I think it’s the great car in the world….so verry amazing

  2. The V12 Vantage is really an icon. It’s not only a small car with a powerfull V12 engine under the hood, but it is also one of the most beautiful car in the world. I really love this car and not only this, but also the magnificent V12 Zagato, DBS, old and new Vanquish’s, DB7 GT and the famous classic cars such as DBR1 and DB4GT Zagato.

  3. I have driven this car a few times – luckily …..and i wouldn’t count that the car is now discontinued …..from my contacts at a local huge dealership – Aston has a habit of their marketing / sales team not knowing what the right hand is doing compared to their left. I have heard this one before actually ! And now the V12S is out …..thank Heavens !

    • Well, it *has been* discontinued.
      To be replaced by the V12 Vantage S 🙂

      • Yes – i know … first i thought they were going to continue to make the standard V12 along with the “V12S”……i guess not !

        If you ever are around Philadelphia, PA in Sept – the Radnor Concours has an excellent event this year & they will have many Astons to celebrate the anniversary. Will be something special indeed !

        Cheers ……;-)

  4. Hi Alwin,
    Just came across your website great info on it , I will frequently check back for new posts . I was wondering if you new some details on production #s , I just purchased a 2011 V12 vantage Carbon Black edition ,only 5600km on it Canadian car all options including the B&O sound system , just trying to get a solid production # on how many carbon black they made for north America and maybe find out how few got sent to Canada , maybe you could find out from all your great contacts at Aston.
    Thanks for any info
    Jason OReilly

  5. Just wondering if you received my early comment

  6. I was fortunate enough to get a Final Carbon Edition in Red Lion…one of only 40 produced. What a car…hardly drive my DB9 Sport Edition anymore. I had to have the last manual gear box car Aston will ever build…this car is a keeper!

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