Dutch V12 Zagato in Storm Black

The first, and only, dutch V12 Zagato has been spotted this week.
It’s #77 of 101 and it’s in Storm Black!

I already posted about this spot on our Aston Martin News Facebook page, linking to the spot on dutch car spotting AutoGespot.com. But alas, the AutoGespot.com police has already removed the spot, probably because it violated one of their stupid spotting rules.
Luckily, the pictures had also been upped to the other dutch car photo site AutoJunk.nl which has no such rules, so I was still able to get at the pics and show them to you.

This black V12 Zagato was spotted at my fav Aston Martin dealer: Kroymans in Hilversum. As you can see, it’s still on dealer plates, but I have been told it’s going to be registered on dutch plates, and delivered to its’ owner, later this month.

Here’s some more pics from another spot of the same car, this time filling up at the gas station near the dealer.
Yes, I know, these pics are even worse than the ones above. But they do show how “extraterrestrial” a V12 Zagato can look in an every day situation.

Personally, when I heard the only V12 Zagato in the Netherlands was going to be black, I was disappointed. In my opinion, an exclusive beast like this should be given a real color. (My favorite color for the V12 Zagato is Alba Blue).

However, last weekend I was able to see this car in person and I must say… It is pretty brutal in black, especially with the black rims and in the most beautiful black Aston has: Storm Black. (Storm Black is a special deep metallic black with tiny red flakes it. You gotta see this color in the sun… amazing!)

What do you think of the V12 Zagato in black?

All pics from both spots:

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