“Agent #002” has arrived at my dealer!

It has arrived, my Cobalt Blue V12 Vantage Roadster!
That is, it has arrived at Kroymans, the local Aston Marton dealer.

May I present to you, the most beautiful Aston Martin ever, Agent #002:

(parked next to the 2nd most beautiful Aston in the world, my Fire Red V12 Vantage)

Yesterday morning I got a message from my friend (and sales dude) Eduard from Kroymans, that something blue had arrived for me. Of course, my wife and I immediately jumped in our car to go see it.
And there it was, still wrapped in plastic, paper, stickers and what not, straight from the factory, just unloaded from the delivery truck.

Number #002 of 101 V12 Vantage Roadsters, my own Cobalt Blue Agent #002.

We got to unwrap it ourselves, removing all the plastic covers from the seats, the dashboard, the sills, the speaker grills, etc… And gradually we uncovered the most beautiful Aston I have ever seen, exactly as I imagined it and specified it.

I must say, the guys and gals in Gaydon have outdone themselves. All my special Q requests have been implemented, including the V12 Vantage logo stitched in the head rest, contrasting stitching (black on blue and blue on black) in the seats, floor mats, steering wheel and A-pillars (something I have never seen in an Aston). It is just perfect.

I can’t wait to take it home. Still some paperwork to do, and of course, cleaning, polishing, new car service checks, etc… But I hope to be able to drive it home next week and finally park it in its reserver parking spot, right next to its red brother.

More pics:


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