Cygnet with V12 power?

Remember the unlikely story of the V8 Cygnet? Well, it gets even better, and even more unlikely. reports that a V12 powered Cygnet could be possible. Their sources (who?) suggest that “a feasibility study has already been completed” and that it should be possible to fit the huge V12 engine in the tiny car.

Very unlikely story if you ask me. Have you ever seen the engine bay of a Cygnet?
No way a V12 engine is going to fit there. I mean, putting the 6 litre block into a Vantage was already a tight fit…

Anyway, let’s hope some of it is true and that Aston Martin is indeed planning to put a more powerful engine into the Cygnet. And upgraded suspension. And improved brakes. And a better gearbox… Nah … I’ll just stick with the V12 Vantage…

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