Welcome to Aston dash Martin dot com !

Hi there and welcome to aston-martin.com!

Let me introduce myself first: I am Alwin. I am an Aston Martin fan and the proud owner of two of these British beauties (I will tell you more about my own Aston’s in future posts).

My V12 Vantage, in Fire Red

My day job is running a software company and managing its’ many websites.
But next to that, my wife and I run the website of the dutch Aston Martin owners club Power Beaty Soulmates. And it’s through my work for that PBSM site that I found out that I really like writing about my passion: fast and beautiful cars, and Aston Martin in particular.

I figured, why not take my writing one step further and create my own car blog site.
One that is completely focused on Aston Martin only.
So I got hold of the “aston-martin.com” domain, created this blog and here we are!

My V8 Vantage S Roadster, in Stratus White

My plan is to post Aston Martin news and rumors, plus reviews of Aston’s I have driven. All from the perspective of an Aston Martin owner and intermixed with my personal Aston story. But to be honest, I have no idea where this is going and how it will turn out.
Let’s just get started and take it from there 🙂

I hope you will like my Aston related ramblings. Let me know what you think in the Comments sections!


  1. Hi Alwin,
    My dream is to buy an Aston Martin car, but for the moment I bought a model car from Amazon: Aston Martin Db9 Silver Diecast Car Model 1/18. It isn’t what I had expected but for the price…

    I wonder whether you could have on your site a store as well selling all kind of things Aston Martin related. There are so many fans in the world, not to mention that the James Bond franchise will still be going, and whoever watches the movies they will always remember the car and come to your site.
    Your site might become the first one on Google when searching for ‘aston martin’. You even got a very good domain not to mention you have credibility as you already own two Aston Martins.


  2. Hi Alwin !
    Just stumbled upon your website ….it’s fantastic !
    You are a very lucky man to have these machines….. I have driven the V12 Vantage a few times and it is truly a special car …..keep up the great work on the website and i will keep checking it out.

    Cheers ……;-)

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