PBSM Scotland Highlands Tour – Day 3 : Exploring the north

Day 3 of the Scotland Highlands Tour, but actually the first day we start exploring the beautiful roads of Scotland. This day we ventured north, in the direction of Ullapool, then further north and back to Torridon (I on the map below) via the east. I am afraid I do not have a lot of photos of this day, but I’ve got something better: a video shot from the dash of my V12 Roadster.

PBSM Scotland Highlands Tour – Day 1 : To the ferry in IJmuiden

Each year, the Dutch Aston Martin club “Power Beauty Soulmates” (PBSM) organizes a one week trip to a location suited for lots of driving fun. Previous destinations include Le Mans, Isle of Man and the italian Dolomites. Sixteen teams (so 16 Aston Martins!) signed up for this year’s trip: to the Scottish Highlands! Watch this space for my day-to-day report of the Scotland Highlands tour. Here’s day 1: