PBSM Scotland Highlands Tour – Day 2 : From Newcastle to Torridon

The Dutch Power Beauty Soulmates go Scotland, day 2.
This day we arrived in the UK, in Newcastle and then drove from Newcastle to our destination, the Torridon Hotel in Torridon, Scotland. A trip of roughly 550 kilometers (330 miles), but mostly over 2-lane 60 mph roads, so taking nearly 8 hours.


Arrival in Newcastle

After a good night’s sleep in a tiny cabin, this was the sight we woke up to on Saturday morning: the ferry closing in on Newcastle.

PBSM Scotland - 4165

PBSM Scotland - 4179

keep-leftA quick breakfast and we were ready for the long drive to the northern regions of Scotland.

And remember, in this country it’s usually a good idea to drive on the LEFT side of the road!

Pitstop on the A1

Just entered Scotland, time for the first pitstop.

PBSM Scotland - 4187

PBSM Scotland - 4190

Lunch near Kinross on the M90

Filling up the cars with fuel and the drivers and co-drivers with coffee and sandwiches.

PBSM Scotland - 3542

PBSM Scotland - 3544

Coffee stop between Inverness and Torridon

Almost there. Gathering all 16 cars together again and stopping for coffee.
The owner of the coffee place was exhilarated to see some many Astons together, so we re-arranged all the cars for a photo opportunity.

PBSM Scotland - 4214

PBSM Scotland - 4209

Arrival at the Torridon Hotel

The last stretch to Torridon already gave us a preview of what was to come in the rest of the week. Wow, what a road! First a high speed curvy stretch of two-lane tarmac, with amazing lake views, then the icing on the cake, a piece of single-lane 20 minute long bumpy and curvy heaven, straight up to the hotel…

The hotel parking:

PBSM Scotland - 3548

Agent #002 aka Billy Bilstein, looking pretty next to Loch Torridon.

PBSM Scotland - 4224

More photos:

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