PBSM Scotland Highlands Tour – Day 7 : Driving back to the ferry in Newcastle

Sadly, our fantastic trip had to end. This is the final day, in which we drove back to Newcastle starting at the hotel in Torridon. Not the most exciting roads, but still… who can complain about driving an Aston all day?


The obligatory fuel stop photo:

Torridon to Newcastle - 3568

Waiting to board the ferry:

Torridon to Newcastle - 3570

Again, a tight fit inside the ferry:

Torridon to Newcastle - 3571

Next up: Hamburg, then the big “1000 miles to London” Rally

This ends our Scotland tour, but the next trip is very very soon. In two days, we will leave for a short, one weekend trip to Hamburg.
Then in about 3 weeks, the big one: the Aston Martin centenary event “1000 miles to London, starting in Como, Italy, then via Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France to London UK for a black-tie party!

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