Confirmed: the 24th Bond movie will feature an Aston Martin!

It has been confirmed, the next Bond movie, for now referred to as “Bond 24”, will again feature an Aston Martin! This was confirmed by Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, at yesterday’s opening of the “Bond in Motion” exhibition in London. When asked whether the movie would again feature an Aston Martin, they responded: We’re looking at one, but that’s a secret. It’s a new design. and We were with Aston Martin yesterday, that’s how up to date we are with it! Can you guess what the new Aston will be? I hope it will be the new Vantage! Source: Yahoo Movies Picture by: 007 NL

Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 for sale

If you are looking for a real bond car, then this is your chance! At dupontregistry you can find an 1964 Aston Martin DB5 with chassis number DB5/2008/R, fully implemented with Bond gadgets (evolving license plates, hubcap blades, hidden guns, a bulletproof screen, radar, a smoke machine and some other cool things that are indispensable for 007). The DB5 is one of four DB5’s made for the Bond movie franchise and this particular one was created for promotional use of the movie Thunderball.

Quantum of Solace DBS for sale

Remember the DBS that featured in the opening scene of the 2008 Bond movie Quantum of Solace? How great would it be to own that particular Quantum Silver DBS? Well, now you can. Because this famous Bond car is going up for auction on October 5. Here’s reminder of the DBS scene in Quantum of Solace: