Taking Billy Bilstein to Hamburg

I am a member of the Dutch Cars and Business club, which organizes multiple road trips each year, plus a couple of cars and coffee meetings.
This weekend, 30 club members went on a 2-day trip to Hamburg, Germany, bringing 30 supercars, including four very nice Aston Martins, one being our blue/yellow V12 Roadster.
But I must warn you, this post also includes photos of some Italian and German monsters.

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 3591

Starting grid in Nijkerk

Members gathered early in the morning, at Landgoed de Salentijn in Nijkerk for coffee, sandwiches and a quick briefing by Cars and Business overlord Sjoerd.

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 3588

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 3589

As usual, the start of the trip was quite spectacular, with all cars accelerating away, making as much noise as possible. Here’s a video shot by the Hart voor Autos guys:
(watch my V12 Roadster “Agent #002” speeding away at 2:30)

Lunch in Hoogeveen

After a nice drive over B-roads, we ended up in Hoogeveen for lunch.

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 4496

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 4502

Two (!!) fuel stops on our way to Hamburg

After leaving the lunch location, we all stopped for fuel (together :-), preparing for the rest of the trip to Hamburg.

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 4503

With our fuel tanks filled to the brim, we left for Hamburg, driving together with 2 friends in a Ferrari California. The first stretch of Autobahn was unlimited (no speed restrictions) and relatively quiet, so we reached speeds close to 300 km/h.
Meaning that 2 hours later, we were at a fuel station again, 57 litres burnt in just 2 hours…

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 3593

Arrival in Hamburg

Around five in afternoon we arrived in Hamburg, at the beautiful Fairmont hotel. Special parking spots had been arranged, with 24 hour security. Which was probably a good idea, considering the selection of supercars present:

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 4524

So what did we do in Hamburg?
Well, not much, except enjoying the scenery, a lot of drinks and great food ๐Ÿ™‚

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 4525

Leaving Hamburg

Leaving the Fairmont hotel was even more spectacular than the start in Nijkerk. First, all cars parked in front of the hotel, so that we could all leave for the Netherlands together. Which of course attracted lots of car spotters ๐Ÿ™‚

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 4534

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 4536

Here’s a video that my wife shot from our Roadster, showing all cars taking off from the Fairmont, then our way through the city together with a Ferrari F430 and a screaming Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV :

Lunch in Zwolle

The final destination of this weekend was the excellent Librije’s Zusje restaurant in Zwolle, where we had lunch. Again, a wonderful line-up of all the cars, again attracting car spotters in no-time at all ๐Ÿ™‚

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 4548

Cars and Business trip Hamburg - 4550

All photos:


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