An attempt at drifting in my V12 Vantage

At last Saturday’s Spring Event, a nice piece of tarmac had been prepared for drifting. So I took the Fire Red monster and tried my best. I have some experience with drifting, in several different cars (Porsches, several different Astons, my BMW 1M, etc…) and have become moderately good at it. I had never tried in a V12 Vantage though, so this was an excellent opportunity. However, it turned out that this certainly isn’t the easiest car to do a controlled drift in. The short wheelbase, the enormous amount of torque from the V12 on the rear wheels… Even my drift-instructor had trouble getting this beast under control on the wet tarmac. Anyway, here’s a video of my attempts, shot by TwinCharched, using two GoPro camera’s attached to the car, combined with some external footage.