Delivery of my silver V8 Vantage

A few weeks ago, I purchased my new project car. And today, I could finally pick up at Kroymans, with several cosmetic upgrades already implemented.

Here it is, waiting for me in the showroom:
(just ignore that red german thingie in the background, not sure who put that there ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Vantage Turbo delivery - 01

Can you spot the changes?
Here’s what’s new:

  • Black grille in the new 4.7 style (with 6 horizontal slats instead of 8)
  • Black window surrounds (instead of chrome)
  • Wheels painted gloss-black
  • Black zircotec exhaust tail pipes.

I must say I really like the silver/black look. But still, the silver will be all gone soon!
Because the next step in this “Vantage Turbo” project is a full body wrap. I have already picked a color, but will keep that a secret for now.

Final pics of the Vantage Turbo in its’ silver/black outfit

Vantage Turbo delivery - 02

Vantage Turbo delivery - 03

Vantage Turbo delivery - 04

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