My new project car: a 2006 V8 Vantage 4.3

This is it, the new Aston Martin News project car!
A 2006 V8 Vantage 4.3, manual, 400hp, in Titanium Silver.


We’ve got big plans for this baby Aston.
Keep watching this space for the full story!

I have been looking for a good V8 Vantage for a while and I finally found one. An early 4.3 model, from January 2006, with lots of “experience” (113k kms on the clock).


What’s great about this car is the fact that the previous owner already did many customizations that I was planning to do anyway, saving me time and money. Here’s a list of the customizations it came with:

  • The standard power pack for the 4.3 by Aston Martin (bringing it from 380 to 400hp)
  • The carbon package (carbon fibre front splitter + carbon fibre diffuser)
  • The wider side sills.
  • Clear rear lamps.
  • 4.7-style wheels.
  • Carbon fibre side strakes.
  • Alcantara steering wheel.

So… what’s the project?

The current car is a great start, but a lot more customizations are coming up, in terms of looks and performance.

  • First, more cosmetic changes and upgrades, to be performed before delivery by Kroymans Aston Martin.
  • Then, a complete make-over by A full body wrap in a bright color, with cool striping.
  • Finally, it’s going to the guys at SupraSport for custom engine tuning, involving BIG turbo’s ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep watching this space for the full story!

More pics






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