2 Astons and 2 Ferrari’s at the BZT Show

The “BZT show” is a Dutch television program that makes kids’ dreams come true. We were asked to come to the studios with some nice cars, to make one super-car loving boy very happy. Of course we will. So off to Hilversum we went, bringing two V12 Vantages, together with our friends from JD Customs, who brought two very nice Ferrari’s.

BZT Show Super Cars - 6062

The boy Ibrahim is a big Top Gear fan, so his wish was to see some super cars in real life. In this episode of the BZT Show, his dream came true.

BZT Show Super Cars - 6075

Four beauties were waiting for him outside the studio. A red Ferrari F430, a red Ferrari 458 Spider, our red V12 Vantage and our blue V12 Vantage Roadster. And then he got to ride in them all!

BZT Show Super Cars - 6086

BZT Show Super Cars - 6085

BZT Show Super Cars - 6100

BZT Show Super Cars - 6110

BZT Show Super Cars - 6110

He loved all four of the cars, but at the end show, Ibrahim was asked which one was his favorite. We tried to persuade him with Aston goodies (provided by Kroymans Aston Martin). But still, Ibrahim opted for the Ferrari 458 Spider. Great choice of course, even though we still prefer our V12-powered monsters ๐Ÿ™‚

BZT Show Super Cars - 6123

Watch this episode of the BZT Show

The full episode of this BZT Show can be watched online here.


The super-car fragments can be found here:

  • 21:15 – 26:15 : Intro, leaving in 458 Spider
  • 31:25 – 32:15 : Leaving in V12 Roadster
  • 36:40 – 38:16 : Returning in V12 Roadster
  • 38:37 – 38:54 : Leaving in F430

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