Customizing my V12 Vantage – Part 3 : Red rear lamps with carbon fibre inlays

In this third part of my Customizing series, we’re making a change to the rear of the car, replacing the rear lamps with red ones and adding carbon inlays from The V-Collection.

Red rear lamps with CF inlays - 4

All V12 Vantages originally come with clear white rear lamps with an inlay that is the same color as the body of the car, Fire Red in my case. Like so:

White rear lamps with red inlays

The exception : the V12 Vantage Carbon Edition, Carbon Black Edition and the Roadster, which come with carbon fibre inlays. I liked the look of the carbon fibre inlays on my Roadster, so I wanted them on my red coupe too. Again, V-Collection to the rescue!
A few weeks ago, I ordered these Carbon Fibre Rear Lamp Inserts from them, and soon received this nice package:

Carbon Fibre rear lamp inlays from The-V-Collection

While waiting for my package, I had been thinking… what if I replaced the clear rear lamps with red ones? Would that look good on the red car? I googled for pictures of red V8 Vantages, found some with red rear lamps and decided I liked the look. Then I called my Aston dealership to ask if they may happen to have a set or red Vantage rear lamps lying around. And they had!

So last Saturday I dropped off The Red One and the guys there exchanged the rear lamps, at the same time fitting the carbon fibre inserts. They even replaced the clear center brake light for a red one!

These are the AFTER photos:

Red rear lamps with CF inlays - 2

Red rear lamps with CF inlays - 1

I love how it makes the car look even darker and more menacing.

Red rear lamps with CF inlays - 3

Red rear lamps with CF inlays - 5


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