Shmee150’s dad buys a V12 Vantage

If you’re a car nut, you’re sure to know and follow Shmee150’s YouTube channel, blog and/or Facebook page. In the past few weeks, Tim (aka Shmee150) had been dropping hints that could indicate he might be buying a new car, trading in his Audi R8 V10 Spyder.

v12 vantage - morning frost white - showroom

So last Friday, when Shmee150 posted a picture on Facebook of the Aston Martin dealership in Leeds, UK with a shiny white V12 Vantage in the window, everyone immediately concluded that he was going to buy an Aston Martin.

But it turned out he wasn’t. His dad was!

Last Friday, Shmee150’s dad purchased this beautiful V12 Vantage in Morning Frost White. I’ve seen V12 Vantages in white before and I think it’s a great color for this car, as it makes the carbon fibre stand out more.

v12 vantage - morning frost white - front

v12 vantage - morning frost white - rear

We’ll probably see many more (and better quality) pictures of this white beauty later, but for now here’s video from Shmee150’s YouTube channel, showing him and his dad collecting the car:

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