The Power Beauty Soulmates in Zwolle

This weekend, the Power Beauty Soulmates (a dutch Aston Martin club) visited Zwolle, to have dinner at the famous 3-star restaurant De Librije. Because of the nice weather, the amount of members that actually arrived in their Astons in this time of the year was surprisingly high.

Here’s some quick photos I took of the Astons present:

PBSM Librije - DBS and Rapide S

PBSM Librije - V12 and V8 Vantage

Our Vanquish S

Of course we used our new Aston to go to Zwolle, the Vanquish S. This is my wife Sytske driving the Vanquish S for the first time.

PBSM Librije - Driving the Vanquish

Parked next to a DB9:

PBSM Librije - DB9 and Vanquish S

PBSM Librije - V12 Vanquish S

DBS and Rapide S

Parked right in front of the hotel, a DBS and a Rapide S.

PBSM Librije - DBS

PBSM Librije - Rapide S and DBS

PBSM Librije - Rapide S

Vantages: V8 Vantage, plus 2 x V12 Vantage

Three Vantages were present. Remember the one with the yellow striping?

PBSM Librije - V8 Vantage

PBSM Librije - V12 Vantage yellow striping

PBSM Librije - V12 Vantage

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