Wrapping Agent #002 for two big trips

I am going to make two big trips with “Agent #002”, my Cobalt Blue V12 Vantage Roadster.
First to Scotland, from June 14 to 21, with the Dutch Power Beauty Soulmates club.
Then in July, from the 17th to the 22nd, Aston’s Centenary Rally “1000 Miles to London”.

day 3 Cruising round Monaco 3

And for these two special trips, Agent #002 is getting a special outfit, a spectacular temporary wrap. Monday next week is wrapping day, at WrapMyRide.nl.
I will be posting pictures to our Facebook page throughout the day, so that you can follow the wrapping process from start to finish.

Just to get an idea, here’s what we did for last year’s Power Beauty Soulmates trip to Italy.
(this year’s wrap is going to be more spectacular though ๐Ÿ™‚ )


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