Carbon fibre upgrades for my beauties

This week I gave my British beauties a nice cosmetic upgrade with some extra carbon fibre goodies.
On both my Vantage S Roadster and my V12 Vantage the regular chrome side strakes have been replaced with carbon fibre side strakes.
On top of that, the V12 Vantage was fitted with a carbon fibre gearshift surround, again replacing the regular chrome unit.

Carbon Fibre Side Strakes

The side strakes in carbon fibre were first introduced on the V12 Vantage Carbon Black Edition, where they complement the blacked out look of the entire car. But they can also be ordered from Aston Martin as replacement parts, to replace the chrome ones that come standard on all other Vantages (both V8 and V12).

In my opinion they look even better on non-black cars because they stand out more. Here’s my Stratus White Vantage S Roadster, after it had been face-lifted with the carbon fibre side strakes. I think they look great on white.

And this is my fire red V12 Vantage with its’ new carbon fibre parts. I love how the color and material of the side strakes now match the carbon fibre vents in the hood.

Carbon Fibre Gearshift Surround

I am not entirely sure which car first had the carbon fibre gearshift surround. I think it was the V12 Zagato. Anyway, in my opinion it adds an extra touch of coolness to the interior of the V12 Vantage. And it nicely matches the carbon fibre armrests.

Here’s how it looks in my car, which has an Obsidian Black interior with red stitching:

One problem: Now I find myself wanting to de-chrome the entire car.
In fact, I have already asked my dealer for a price indication to go all the way ๐Ÿ™‚
That is, replace the chrome grill with a black one, paint the window sills in matt black, replace the exhaust tail pipes with the black Zircotec units, blacken the “V12 Vantage” badge, etc… Maybe even paint the rims…


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