Meeting Shmee150 in Amsterdam

I am sure you are familiar with the well-known Shmee150 YouTube channel / Facebook page and website. Last week, Tim Burton, aka Shmee150 himself, started on a 25-day “Where’s Shmee 2014” tour, taking him through 10 countries and to lots of super car related events and companies. On Friday, Tim did his first “Shmeeting” with his fans, right here in Amsterdam. And we were invited to join the Shmeeting with “something special”. Well, what’s more special than my V12 Roadster in its’ Union Jack livery?

Agent 002 is back, now in Union Jack style!

Summer 2014 is coming, which means our calendar is filling up with lots of car events. So it’s about time that our favourite summer car, the Cobalt Blue V12 Roadster, gets a nice summer outfit again. Last year, the Roadster was made into a look-a-like of the Vantage GT3 in Bilstein livery. For this summer, we wanted something equally wild, but with an original design. So we dropped off our blue beauty at JD Customs and they designed and created this spectacular Union Jack style wrap: