Geneva 2013: the Bertone Jet 2+2

At the Geneva Motorshow today, Bertone revealed their one-off shooting brake based on the Aston Martin Rapide: the Bertone Jet 2+2. Based on the Rapide? Yes indeed, this roomy 4-seater is based on the “old” Rapide, not the Rapide S. But it does have a big mouth similar to Aston Martin’s new S model of the Rapide. If you look closely, you can spot styling elements based on other Astons, like the “gills” at the front and rear lights, both reminding of the One-77.

The Astons at next week’s Geneva show

I am going to the Geneva Motor Show next week! My dealer has arranged a press-ticket for me, so I’ll be visiting the show on Tuesday, during the press-days. Looking forward to see these two Rapide versions in real live: Aston Martin’s own Rapide S and Bertone’s Jet 2+2. (and of course the Ferrari F150, McLaren P1, the Porsche 911 GT3, the Rolls-Royce Wraith, the Alfa Romeo 4C, etc…)