Geneva 2015 – DBX Concept

Like most peeps of the interwebs, I wasn’t sure about this one. However, after seeing it in the flesh and talking with the Aston people, I absolutely love what Aston Martin is doing here.

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-1064

IMO, for now, this concept should not be seen as a specific future car per se (although there may one day be some kind of cross-over car, maybe even electric), but more as a demo of all kinds of styling elements of upcoming new Astons.
I love the rear lights, the chrome panel that is “floating” above the sides of the roof, the grill, the wheels, the interior, etc…
If this is the sign of things to come, bring it on!

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-1066

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-0905

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-1036

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-1009

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-0863

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-1052

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-1082

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-1095

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-1092

Geneva2015 - DBX Concept-1086

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