Big 5 on Spa 2014 – Five One-77’s!

The BIG5 track day at Spa Franchorchamps is one of the most popular BIG5 events, so participants are distributed are two days, the Monday and the Tuesday. I was driving on the Monday. However, during my track-day, I heard that there would be 4 One-77’s participating on Tuesday, maybe even 5!

One-77 track 1 - Alexander

So on Tuesday, before I drove home to Amsterdam, I went back to the track, to see if I could snap some pics of the One-77’s. I was able to make some quick photo’s in the pit lane, but did not have enough time to make real work of it.

Luckily, my friends Alexander van Boekholdt en Paulien Aerts were there the entire day AND were so friendly to allow me to use some of their great photos. Thank you!

One-77’s in the pit lane

First, the pro-pictures by Alexander and Paulien:

One-77 pitlane - Paulien

One-77 pitlane 2 - Alexander

One-77 pitlane 1 - Alexander

And some shots I made myself:

Aston Martin on Spa 2014-63

Aston Martin on Spa 2014-68

Aston Martin on Spa 2014-73

Aston Martin on Spa 2014-74

Aston Martin on Spa 2014-77

Aston Martin on Spa 2014-79

One-77’s in action

One-77 track 1 - Paulien

One-77 track 2 - Paulien

One-77 track 3 - Paulien

One-77 track 2 - Alexander

One-77 detail shots

One-77 detail - Alexander

One-77 detail - Paulien

Photo credits:


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