The Power Beauty Soulmates go Biarritz

Last April I already visited Biarritz together with my friend Eduard, to plan routes in the Pyrenees for the club trip in June. So last week, we went again, but this time for real, with twenty Aston Martins! Two days driving from Amsterdam to Biarritz, 4 days in the Pyrenees, then back to Amsterdam in 1 day.

Next to my job as “route manager”, I was able to make lots of photos of Aston Martins at beautiful locations (and fuel stations 🙂 ).

Here’s a selection:

Amsterdam to Biarritz

On the way to Biarritz we took it easy, driving in two days, with an overnight stay near Poitier, France. A long, high-speed trip, which of course meant lots of of fuel stops.

Arrival in Biarritz, at Hotel Chateau Du Clair De Lune

Our hotel in Biarritz is a beautiful chateau, where we were the only guests. Astons parked everywhere!

Driving Day 1: Pamplona

On the first driving day, we had a route planned to Pamplona, taking the scenic route over the NA-2600 mountain road. After a lunch at the golf club Castillo de Gorraiz, we drove back to Biarritz using a slightly quicker but not less beautiful route (via St Jean Pied de Port and Cambo les Bains).

Driving Day 2: Bilbao

A driving day with a cultural destination: the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. But still, lots of driving to do, going to Bilbao via the Parque Natural de Gorbeia. We had lunch at the Guggenheim, a tour of the museum collection, then back to Biarritz using the highway.
But taking that highway was no punishment… 3 lanes of black tarmac winding through the mountains, with a big group on Astons in your rear view mirror. Loved it!

On the way back, we found a car wash at a fuel station, so we decided to wash all Astons:

Driving Day 3: Lac de Fabrege

This was the longest driving day, as we wanted to explore the French Pyrenees further to the east, south of Pau. So a quick stretch of highway, then mountain roads down to the Lac de Fabrege. A simple lunch, then on to east, to Lourdes, via Gourette, the most spectacular road of the week.

Driving Day 4: Nature parks in Spain

The final driving day, in which we explored two nature parks south of San Sebastian, “Parque Natural Aiako-Harria” and “Parque Natural Pagoeta”, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. With a fantastic lunch in between, at restaurant “Asador Astillero” in Getaria.

All Biarritz 2014 photos:

Well, not all, I made hundreds of photos… the selection I made for club members already contained 275 photos. But I won’t bother you with pics of Aston drivers in restaurants, so here’s my favourite pics showing actual Aston Martins 🙂

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