Spy Shot: Is this a new Aston Martin Lagonda?

Just found these on CarMagazine.co.uk, some spy shots of an Aston Martin super-saloon, an extra long Rapide if you want.

Aston Martin super saloon - front left

According to the source article it is a prototype for a new limited run bespoke model, created by the Q department.

Personally, I am not so sure about that. My feeling is that it could be more important than that. I think it’s more likely to become an actual production model. It could be a “Rapide L”, with more spacious backseats. Something that can better compete with the competitors in the four door sports car class, like the QuattroPorte and the Panamera.

Or will Aston Martin finally bring back the legendary Lagonda name?

Time will tell…

Aston Martin super saloon - front

Aston Martin super saloon - rear

Aston Martin super saloon - side


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